Burke is experienced in facilitating private labels. She has worked with many California wineries, wholesalers and national retailers,  and has first hand knowledge on how to build a successful private label.  Burke is poised to handle every aspect of the Private Label process making it easy for you to offer stand-out wines in a creative package. Burke's goal is to create a unique brand for you while simplifying the private label process and offering you low packaging costs.  

Here's how it works and what it takes to make your own label: 

The wine: Burke has built relationships with many talented California winemakers making it easy for you to find specific wines that your market demands or that you're interested in selling. 

The Brand: Burke knows how important branding is, and building a great reputation. She will help set you apart, tell your story, make sure your story reflects your name, and create a package design that reflects the wine. We offer a variety of private label designs at different price points depending on your needs and vision for your project. Our goal is to help you save time and make it simple for you to create a unique, creative label that will set your wine apart from your competitors. 

The Package:   Burke will oversee every step of the way from vineyard to bottle to ensure its success: Wine, bottle, label, cork, capsule, and boxes, logistics.

The Terms: 

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